How it works

If you want to check out the Hub in action first, have a look at this short video.

The Youth AOD Learning Hub is designed for maximum flexibility, so you can fit it in with times that suit you and your life.

You will see that each course, and each component within a course, has a ‘duration’ which is an estimate of how long it will take you to read / watch the content of that course. So, you might decide to allocate anything from 30 seconds to an hour to your learning goals on any given day!

The Courses are designed for self-directed learning, and self-motivated learning. When you read the page, you can choose from the options at the bottom:

This will then record that you have read the page and add a ‘tick’ to that component on the side menu:

So you can see that it is entirely up to you how engaged you become with the material, and you can always come back and read it in more detail later. 

Whilst the content is often in a logical order, it is not always necessary to read it in a linear way – if something grabs your interest you can just click on that component and check it out.

The idea is that you can learn flexibly and in a way that works for you.

At the end of each course you will see a “Reflections” form. You can fill out the form on the screen (remember to “Save Draft” if you want to take a break and finish it later). You can also edit it later, even if you’ve saved it to your ‘My Reflections’ section.

The Hub does not assess your knowledge acquisition or understanding, but instead it uses the approach of ‘Reflective Practice’ to encourage you to consider any new knowledge with your own practice experiences. You may like to use ‘My Reflections’ as a tool for your own Supervision, or perhaps in a Group or Peer Supervision setting.

If you are going for a VET qualification, you may consider using what you have learned in the Hub for assessment as ‘Recognised Prior Learning’ for some parts of competencies.

Please email us if you get stuck or have any questions: