Specialist AOD Courses

Specialist AOD Courses

These courses have been developed to bring together current knowledge and practice, with a focus on young people in Australia.

Working with Youth in the Adult AOD System

The Victorian AOD Sector is separated into two systems. The Youth AOD system offers support for young people from 12-25 years old while the Adult System provides AOD services to anyone over 16 years old. This Course offers a comprehensive developmental overlay for workers in the adult sector who see clients age 16 - 21.  

Duration: 66.5 mins
0 of 6 Sections

Safer Injecting

Whilst injecting substances is an attractive method of use for some young people, it carries many risks. This course provides detailed information on reducing all risks associated with intecting, which can then be used to educate young people at risk. 

Duration: 31 mins
3 of 6 Sections

Blood-Borne Viruses

Practitioners working with young people who may be exposed to BBV are well positioned to provide education about BBV transmission and prevention.

Duration: 9 mins
2 of 2 Sections
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